Enzyme Treatments For Drains

Vector Silver Drain Pipe Clog With Liquid Cleaner

Enzymes are found naturally in the body and are a significant factor in biochemical reactions. But they can also be the ultimate tool for caring for a smelly or blocked drain. For good reason, whether for odor elimination, septic system maintenance, or even drain cleaning, enzymatic drain cleaners have surged in popularity in recent years. Let's explore some more benefits of these organic tools.

How Enzymes Work

Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts in the body. They enable biochemical reactions to happen much faster than they would without them. Enzymes can be found in all living things, from plants to animals. They are essential to the body's digestion, metabolism, and other functions.

This is no different for enzymatic drain cleaners. Protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase, urease, and xylanase are all made to break down organic pollutants. These proteins break down the organic materials that can build up in a drain, leading to blockages and odors.

Here are some possible uses for these remarkable biological tools.

  • Prevent Odors

When it comes to drain odor, enzymatic drain cleaners work almost like magic. Traditional chemical cleaners often mask odors temporarily. However, enzymatic drain cleaners work to break down the organic materials, causing the odor in the first place. This means that the smell gets eliminated rather than just being masked.

  • Maintain Your Septic System

Septic systems rely on bacteria to break down the waste they collect. Over time, the number of bacteria can dwindle, leading to slow draining and backups. Enzymatic cleaners work by releasing microorganisms into the drain. They then feed on the organic material found there. This helps break down the waste and restore balance. They also reduce sludge buildup over time as they break down the organic material, which can help keep your pipes running more smoothly and extend your system's lifespan.

  • Handle Complex Blockages

Enzymes' ability to break down organic materials makes them the perfect tool for tackling stubborn and complex drain blockages. They're perfect for blockages from soap buildup or organic material. If other chemical cleaners have failed on a clog, enzymatic cleaners can often help clear it out by breaking down the material causing it. They're also safe for any plumbing system, from metal pipes to PVC sewer lines. The enzymes break down the material, allowing it to flow through the drain without damaging your pipes. This can often save you a call to an expensive plumber.

  • Help the Environment

These eco-friendly cleaners can help reduce the environmental footprint by releasing natural enzymes into the water system, which can help break down organic materials. They're even used in wastewater treatment plants for this reason. The entire process contributes to minimizing the release of harmful chemicals into the environment. These cleaners are also natural and non-toxic, making them safer for use around your children and pets.

  • Maintain Your Drain

For drain maintenance,enzymatic drain cleaners are the way to go. Unlike traditional chemical cleaners, which can be harsh and damaging to pipes, enzymatic cleaners are much gentler and help keep drains running smoothly for longer. They work by breaking down any organic material that may be clogging the drain, such as hair, grease, and soap scum. This helps to keep the pipes clear and reduces the risk of clogs and backups.


As with any tool, you might also find some drawbacks to using enzymatic drain cleaners. One major downside is that they can take longer to work than their chemical counterparts. This is because the enzymes need time to break down the organic material in your drain. However, this is a positive, as the cleaner works gradually over time. That's preferable to merely providing a quick fix that may be less effective in the long run.

You can finally say goodbye to foul odors and backed-up drains with enzymatic drain cleaners. People realize this safe and effective solution is perfect for their drains. Whether you need odor elimination, septic system maintenance, or general drain maintenance, enzymatic drain cleaners are your best bet.

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