Water Softeners in Clay County and surrounding areas

The Problem With Hard Water

There’s a lot more to water than just saltwater or freshwater. We also have hard water and soft water, and 85% of the country has hard water—freshwater that is rich in minerals, like calcium and iron, among others. Florida, and particularly Clay County and surrounding areas, is soaked with hard water, because the soil is primarily limestone. Stormwater dissolves the limestone and filters it into the state’s water system, thus we get exceptionally high mixtures of hard water. Studies show that the minerals in hard water are healthy when you ingest them, but the truth is hard water can cause limescale buildup, which clogs pipes and fixtures and wreaks havoc on your household appliances and plumbing systems. Hard water also dries out your skin and hair and creates excessive wear on your clothes.

Types of Water Softeners Ion Exchange Water Softeners

An Ion Exchange Water Softener

An Ion Exchange Water Softener is engineered to remove the ions of minerals such as magnesium, iron, and calcium. Once these ions are removed from the water, they will be exchanged for sodium ions. These are particles with an electrical charge that are found in water. We provide Iron Exchange Water Softener services to homeowners in Florida.

Salt-Free Water Softeners

This type of water softener system utilizes a potassium-chloride solution to modify the magnesium and calcium particles in hard water. Once these particles are modified, they will no longer stick to your sink, water lines, clothes, or appliances. A salt-free water softener will not remove the excess magnesium or calcium particles from the water. However, they are designed to change the chemical composition of the hard water to prevent the buildup of limescale on your fixtures and hardware. Rock Solid Plumbing provides salt-free water softener repair and installation services to residents in Clay County and surrounding areas.

Invest in a Water Softener Installation to Eliminate Foul Tasting Water & Excess Soap

So what exactly is hard water? Hard water is water that has a high mineral content, particularly calcium or magnesium. According to plumbing experts, hard water is generally not harmful and can be easily eliminated through efficient water softening systems; however, high mineral counts can cause drinking water to have an unpleasant taste, increase the presence of hard to clean soap scum on showers and sinks, and have an undesirable drying effect on hair and skin. If you’re having a hard time eliminating excess soap scum while you shower, we recommend scheduling an appointment for a water softener installation with the team at our water softener company near you in Clay County and surrounding areas. In addition to offering water softener services, our team also offers other plumbing solutions such as kitchen sink repair, tankless water heater installation, drain cleaning, and backflow inspections.

Performing a Regular Water Softener Repair Will Help Prevent Low Water Pressure, Inefficient Pipes, & Costly Bills

Additionally, without water softeners hard water can clog pipes due to “scaling” that forms from the calcium and magnesium deposits. Those clogged pipes will result in your water heater working less efficiently and in a loss of water pressure. Not only will this dramatically increase your energy bills, hard water can damage household appliances like your washing machine or dishwasher over time.

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Water Softener System Installation

Installing a water softening system in your Clay County and surrounding areas home is the best counteractive measure against the negative impacts of hard water. Water softeners filter out the excess calcium and magnesium and other minerals from your incoming water supply. The improvement in your water is immediate, and from the moment the system is installed, you begin to extend the life of your plumbing, appliances, and your wardrobe. The softer water will also make it much easier when cleaning your home. You will be able to use smaller amounts of soaps and detergents, and your crystal glasses and goblets will no longer have spots. Your hair will look and feel healthier, and will actually be healthier.

The experts at Rock Solid Plumbing Services will identify the most effective location for your softener, one that is as close as possible to the entry point of your household water supply, and which is “upstream” from your water heater to help keep it free of clogs. Along with the installation of a water softener system in your Clay County and surrounding areas home, we can clean out the pipes to ensure 100% effectiveness of your new system.

The Benefits of Performing a Water Softener Installation

  • Less soap consumption as detergents, soaps, and other cleaning agents will lather better in softer water.
  • Longer-lasting appliances because calcium deposits left behind by hard water on appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, etc. will cause them to operate less efficiently and need repair more often.
  • Lower utility bills because with better working appliances energy usage decreases.
  • Longer wear out of clothing and other household fabrics as excess minerals cause your clothing to require more frequent washing.
  • Cleaner glassware because with water softeners you will have less water spots on glasses, windows, etc.


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How long does it take to install a water softener system?

The installation time for a water softener system can vary depending on factors such as the type of system being installed, the complexity of the plumbing, and the location of the installation. On average, a professional plumber can complete the installation process in a few hours to a day.

Do I need professional help to install a water softener system?

While some homeowners may attempt to install a water softener system themselves, it is generally recommended to seek professional help. Professional plumbers have the expertise and tools necessary to ensure proper installation and avoid potential issues such as leaks or improper functioning of the system.

What factors should I consider when choosing a water softener system for installation?

When choosing a water softener system, consider factors such as the size of your home, the hardness of your water, your budget, and the maintenance requirements of the system. Consulting with a professional plumber can help you select the right system for your specific needs.