Water Softeners in Jacksonville

The Problem With Hard Water

There’s a lot more to water than just saltwater or freshwater. We also have hard water and soft water, and 85% of the country has hard water—freshwater that is rich in minerals, like calcium and iron, among others. Florida, and particularly Jacksonville, is soaked with hard water, because the soil is primarily limestone. Stormwater dissolves the limestone and filters it into the state’s water system, thus we get exceptionally high mixtures of hard water. Studies show that the minerals in hard water are healthy when you ingest them, but the truth is hard water can cause limescale buildup, which clogs pipes and fixtures and wreaks havoc on your household appliances and plumbing systems. Hard water also dries out your skin and hair and creates excessive wear on your clothes.

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Water Softener System Installation

Installing a water softening system in your Jacksonville home is the best counteractive measure against the negative impacts of hard water. Water softeners filter out the excess calcium and magnesium and other minerals from your incoming water supply. The improvement in your water is immediate, and from the moment the system is installed, you begin to extend the life of your plumbing, appliances, and your wardrobe. The softer water will also make it much easier when cleaning your home. You will be able to use smaller amounts of soaps and detergents, and your crystal glasses and goblets will no longer have spots. Your hair will look and feel healthier, and will actually be healthier.

The experts at Rock Solid Plumbing Services will identify the most effective location for your softener, one that is as close as possible to the entry point of your household water supply, and which is “upstream” from your water heater to help keep it free of clogs. Along with the installation of a water softener system in your Jacksonville home, we can clean out the pipes to ensure 100% effectiveness of your new system.

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