Garbage disposals are one of the most misused appliances in the home. They are designed to handle light food residue and can quickly become clogged when overwhelmed with excessive food waste. This will block the kitchen sink drain and result in a sink that will not drain or drains slowly.

If your garbage disposal is clogged or broken, Our Jacksonville plumbers offer garbage disposal repair and replacement services for all types and brands of disposals. We can also sell and install new garbage disposals as well. Please contact our plumbers today to request a quote for our garbage disposal repair or replacement services.

kitchen sink and garbage disposal

Our Professional Garbage Disposal Services

Trusting our plumbers with your garbage disposal repair, replacement, and installation services is an excellent choice as we can offer professional and expert advice and assistance. Our professional service will ensure that your garbage disposal is working correctly, while our advice can help you select the best garbage disposal for your needs.

Garbage Disposal Repair

We offer professional garbage disposal repair services for both commercial and residential clients. If your garbage disposal has become clogged or has simply stopped working, we can diagnose the problem and offer a repair solution to return your garbage disposal to proper working order. Please contact our professional plumbers in Jacksonville to request quotes for garbage disposal repair or unclogging services.

Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement

When selecting the best garbage disposal, you will have an option to choose between many different models, styles, and brands. Additionally, you will need to choose a garbage disposal with the appropriate horsepower for your needs. Typically, a ½ horsepower garbage disposal is recommended only for small households.

A larger unit is recommended for larger households with frequent meal preparation and large amounts of food waste. Bigger garbage disposals can handle more food waste and difficult-to-grind items, including fibrous materials and bones. Choosing the proper size garbage disposal will help ensure that your disposal works properly and prevent future problems and the need for frequent garbage disposal repairs.

Request a Quote for Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

Please contact our plumbers today to learn more about our professional garbage disposal repair and replacement services in Jacksonville. At Rock Solid Plumbing Services, we look forward to meeting all of your plumbing needs. Our garbage disposal repair and replacement services are available for all makes and models of garbage disposals to commercial and residential customers in Jacksonville, FL.

We can offer garbage disposal repair, replacement, and installation services for all types of garbage disposals, including:

  • Kitchen Garbage Disposals
  • Wet Bar Garbage Disposals
  • Industrial and Commercial Garbage Disposals
  • Restaurant Garbage Disposals

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